Got tickets to the gun show?

{One year ago this week: Creamy Chicken Soup} Don’t worry, no tickets needed to see these “mussels”! Ha, cheesy – I know, but what else did you expect? 🙂 Mussels are one of my favorite foods.  They seem fancy, but are pretty inexpensive.  Did I mention they cook very quickly?  You can whip up a […]


Rolling on the floor? Sort of.  Laughing my tuchus off? Not quite. My absence this past month can be explained with the {huge} DIY project I decided to take on – updating the flooring in our basement. For the past several weeks (at the least the ones I’ve been home), I’ve been working on pulling […]

Who wants a sandwich?

I enjoy a good sandwich.  What’s better than a good sandwich? A warm one! Especially since the weather is starting to cool off. The other week, my husband and I grabbed lunch at a local deli that we hadn’t been to before – Grouchy’s NY Deli. I love a good deli and where we live, […]

Pumpkin Spice Scones

One year ago this week: French Toast Casserole || There’s a gentle nip in the air, the leaves are starting to fall…its that time of year where we get bombarded with the flavor and scent of pumpkin spice everything, otherwise known as Fall. I’m not one to OD on all things pumpkin as I typically […]

White Radish Salad

{1 year ago this week: Butternut Squash, Two Ways!} Several weeks ago I mentioned my obsession love of Korean food. During the weeks I spent eating all things Korean (thank you H-mart for your food court!), I also tried my hand at a few recipes – bulgogi, gamja-salad, galbi.  I even tried making my own […]

Avocado Eggrolls

{One year ago this week: One Pot Lasagne} A few times a times a year, my {very} dear friend Angela and her husband visit Atlanta. We usually have the pleasure of meeting them for lunch or dinner at a restaurant of their choosing.  One of their favorite restaurants is Cheesecake Factory {and I think we’ve […]